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TTN- Powerful Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Posted by Jennie Ford on Nov 28, 2017
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Jen Ford: Hi, welcome to Transportation Technology News. I'm your host, Jennie Ford, and today's guests are Scott Vanselous and Renaldo Adler. Hi, guys. Thanks for joining me today.

Scott Vanselous: It's great to be here.

Renaldo Adler: Thank you.

JF: At the in.sight User Conference this year, TMW Systems announced the release of a powerful predictive maintenance application, TMT Predict.Fault Code. This helps fleet professionals anticipate and address potential vehicle breakdowns and other unscheduled service needs before they occur. Can you explain to us how this works?

RA: TMW has partnered with PeopleNet and Fusion to capture data coming off the truck, perform analytics on that data, and predict when a fault is gonna occur on the vehicle. What they're measuring is up to 80 of the vehicle performance metrics and taking that and running it through eight of their data models to make predictions with a probability of an occurrence of some event happening. The focus is around the red lamp lights and derating of the engine. With their analytics, we're able to predict an event may happen up to three days in advance of actually occurring and they have a 90% confidence in the value that they're providing, that there is going to be a failure. Anything you wanna add to that?

SV: Sure. And what we've done is we've integrated the analytic portion of the product offering into TMT. It's the potential vehicles that are gonna fail or throw a fault code show up in a customer dashboard, and then the fleet manager or maintenance manager can take the appropriate action.

RA: And this information's currently available on a select number of vehicles. There's 80,000 vehicles that are currently tracked with over a million days of data and the vehicles that were modern and all contained the PeopleNet PMG device, which is what feeds the data to the Fusion analytics team, and then feeds that to us.

JF: How is the industry changing as a result of the expanding amount of data coming off of trucks?

SV: Yeah, the industry's changing significantly. There's so much data that we can obtain from the vehicle today. What the data tells us after we can do the analytics is like Renaldo said, "Hey, here's a potential issue coming up."

RA: So the data has huge value to everybody on it and capturing that data, and being able to act with it, and make decisions is huge. And if you can do it before you actually have problems, it saves everybody money and time.

JF: How has fleet management evolved over the years? Where is it going?

SV: Fleets, both private and for-hire carrier have maintenance that's been, to date, both reactive and more on the preventative side. Something's fixed or something's broke, fix it.

RA: Not only when's something gonna break, but what do I have to do to fix what breaks?

JF: Knowing when to take a truck out of operation before it becomes a maintenance issue has financial benefits. On average, how much could a fleet save with a predictive solution?

RA: The industry says to take vehicle out of service is $800 to $1000 just for out of service, then you add the cost of the breakdown, the repair, the tow cost, now that can add up quickly on the maintenance cost. We're figuring if fleets can address 35% of those failures, they can save $490 a year per vehicle just on maintaining those vehicles before they break. That adds up to a lot of dollars for huge fleets and even small fleets.

JF: That's great. If viewers wanted more information on this predictive maintenance solution, where should they go?

SV: TMW has a webinar, TMT Predict.Fault Codes. And there's also available white paper, Vehicle Fault Code Analysis, Moving From Proactive to Predictive on our website.

JF: Thank you for tuning in to Transportation Technology News. For more information on this product, please visit tmwsystems.com. Thanks.