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The Importance of Network Analysis

Posted by David Roush on Jun 15, 2017

Are economic conditions improving? Multiple indicators, from a recovering housing market to tax code changes that offer advantages to entrepreneurs, suggest this is the case, potentially leading to increased spending and, ultimately, a need for more freight movement.

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Topics: Business Intelligence, Big Data

TMS Software Can Solve These Top Challenges

Posted by TMW Systems on Apr 13, 2017

TMS software is an invaluable asset for running a successful transportation business. A transportation company is an intricate machine and keeping all the parts running smoothly takes tremendous coordination. Dispatchers, fleet managers, drivers and account reps, plus commercial carriers and other trading partners, have to make well-informed decisions, anticipate problems before they arise and attend to the details of every shipment.

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Topics: Business Intelligence, Transportation Management Software

How to Ease Monthly and Annual Closings in 4 Steps

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 14, 2017

Still Closing Your Books in February?

Prepping for auditors? If you are drowning in extra work with general closing taking way too long, chances are you are not following best practices. Take a closer look at steps you can implement relatively quickly to take the pain (and added costs) out of monthly and annual closings.

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Topics: Business Intelligence

Transportation Business Intelligence: Build or Buy?

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 07, 2017
Given the growing importance of advanced transportation analytics in the trucking industry, it’s conceivable that hundreds of organizations with fleet management responsibilities are now confronting the question of whether they should build their own BI platform or invest in a packaged solution available from a transportation-specific technology provider. Before answering the “Build vs. Buy” question, according to BI experts, transportation professionals should carefully consider the following factors: Cost, Time and Vision.

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Topics: Business Intelligence, Cloud Based Trucking Software