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Shrink Your Parts Inventory To The Palm Of Your Hand

Posted by Curtis Moats on Jun 27, 2017
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Keeping track of parts is, let’s just say, a process. Parts come in, parts go out, parts aren’t in the right place, part numbers are wrong. Parts are just plain gone. You know the drill.

manage parts inventoryDaily tracking alone is a chore. Then it’s time for inventory, which takes manpower, a lot of legwork and a whole weekend⎯if you’re lucky. Not anymore. Now your shop can create and manage physical inventory, more accurately in less time, using a handheld device.


Parts Room Takes Charge Of Your Parts Room

Parts Room is the mobile app from TMW Systems that streamlines parts inventory tracking for any shop using a TMT Fleet Maintenance or Service Center on-premise or web-based product.

Parts Room is specially designed to help you manage parts inventory from any Android device presently. It simplifies all types of inventory⎯cycle counts, spot inventories, adjustments to parts already in inventory and more.

  • Generate a full inventory count or narrow the list by part number, bin location or part type
  • Filters allow viewing of parts not counted or parts that have a variance
  • Scan a part number for quick look-up for inventory adjustment.
  • Review open inventories; close inventories that are complete
  • Perform a quick adjustment for a single part


Taking Inventory Is Easier To Take

Parts Room takes the drudgery out of taking inventory. Team members, using a tablet or cell phone, complete their assigned section count remotely. Paperless data entry eliminates manual counts and double entry.

Because counts are made using a handheld device, your staff doesn’t have to walk back and forth from bin section to computer terminal to enter counts into the system. Remote counts are entered automatically; inventory is complete in much less time.


Managing Inventory Is Easier To Manage

Whether you have a parts counter and manager--and especially if you don’t--Parts Room is a hands-on daily inventory management tool. With mobile access, users can check parts quantity in the parts department, shop or mobile truck and make those necessary adjustments on the fly. Inventory is updated instantly and accurately as parts are checked in and out.


Accurate Inventory, Accurate Accounting

Parts Room not only simplifies inventory management, it greatly improves accuracy. Accurate, up-to-date records simplify auditing and reconciliation.

If a part quantity is entered incorrectly or transposed, Parts Room corrects it. If there’s a discrepancy, it writes an exception report. This keeps the inventory general ledger in balance daily.

Parts that are no longer current can be returned to the vendor for credit. The cleaner your parts inventory, the lower your inventory taxes.


Count The People Benefits, Too

Parts Room is an intuitive system; no training is required. Anyone accustomed to conventional inventory methods immediately recognizes the advantages.

Parts Room relieves the tedium of performing a time-consuming repetitive task.

A mundane task made easier and faster boosts employee morale. Greater efficiency and fewer errors to correct frees up key people to complete other tasks in the same time frame.


Parts Room App Has Many Applications

The beauty of TMT with the Parts Room app is its application flexibility. It is an asset-based tracking system. That means you can track virtually any stocked, non-stocked or consignment part, whether it's a new or used part, tool or supply.

Applications range from warehousing and distribution to heavy construction to sanitation and refuse management⎯any business with parts that must be accounted for, inventoried and tracked.

See how Parts Room can organize your parts room. Contact us today.

(Curtis Moats is an experienced Sales Support Engineer for TMW.)

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