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Revolutionizing Maps with Interactive Data for Better Decisions

Posted by Dana Petrone on Apr 18, 2017

Maps are among the most important items in your routing and scheduling toolbox. Using current map data is the basis for any successful business with route planning needs. Still route planning has become much more complex than just simply inputting origin and destination points.

Planning with precision has become essential for anyone in the transportation space. Using data overlays which display information on the map means success in making decisions that properly utilize assets, maintain efficient operations and keep drivers safe.

Visualize Traffic & Weather Right on the Map

Traffic-and-Weather-St.Louis-withTruck-poi.pngBy simply adding Traffic and Weather licenses to ALK Maps, you can display predictive and real-time traffic congestion as well as weather conditions.

Generate accurate drive times and ETAs for improved asset utilization and setting customer expectations with traffic overlays, as well as re-route drivers whose deliveries may become impacted by slow road speeds. Wouldn’t this have been a time and money saver when a section of major highway I-85 in Atlanta shut down?!

Quickly identify if your route plans are scheduled to pass through a predicted weather alert zone with weather overlays. With this insight, be proactive to change the route to keep drivers out of hazardous areas when conditions change quickly, notify customers of potential delays or re-route around dangerous road conditions, like when Winter Storm Stella came to town.

Did You Know You Have ALK Maps?

All TMW customers have access to ALK Maps as part of their TMW solution. ALK Maps, powered by the PC*MILER routing engine, allows for:

  • Real-time, interactive route planning
  • Post trip analysis for compliance by comparing planned versus actual routes
  • Review of driver performance
  • Generation of out-of-route mileage reports

To see these interactive features in action and to update your ALK Maps license with Traffic and Weather, click here for assistance.


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(Dana Petrone is Senior Marketing Manager at ALK Technologies.)

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