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Keeping Up With Technology-- A Must for Managing Fleets

Posted by TMW Systems on Feb 02, 2017

Pong. Does it ping – sorry, ring a bell?

Readers of a certain age probably recall this early 1970s video game: a table tennis match played s-l-o-w-l-y on a non-flat screen television. Despite its simplicity, Pong brought a new kind of entertainment into innumerable households – but would never succeed in the sophisticated 21st-century gaming environment.

Consider, too, Pagemaker, the rudimentary desktop publishing software that churned out countless corporate newsletters in the 1980s and ’90s. Pagemaker did the job remarkably well but cannot hold a candle to the intricate publishing programs currently available.

These examples of now-obsolete superstars demonstrate why companies in the transportation space must recognize the constantly changing face of fleet management technology, how it impacts their business model and then use it to their advantage.

For companies in the transportation management industry to maintain their competitive edge, staying abreast of the newest innovations in relevant software is essential.

It means taking a closer look at what’s available with:

transportation management software
fleet maintenance software
business intelligence software
trucking dispatch software
route scheduling software
route optimization software
cloud-based trucking software

Fleet Technology Advances Working Hard-1.jpg

Paper mail and the phone once dominated the communications landscape; today, technology allows for the near-immediate sharing of vast quantities of information. Functions that formerly required personnel can now be handled by computer. As the software and business solutions offered through fleet management technology grow, so do the advantages for employers.

Increase efficiency and lower operational costs. Turn to TMW’s range of truck management software, routing and scheduling solutions, trucking dispatch software and transportation analytics tools to help simplify your daily processes.

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