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Maintaining A Modern Fleet Calls For A Set Of Specialized Tools

Posted by TMW Systems on Mar 09, 2017

You’ve seen the tool vendor’s truck parked outside a fleet’s service bays. It’s there for a reason. Someone needs a specialized tool. They don’t have it. The tool guy does.

On today’s shop floor, that tool is a part of the TMW Fleet Maintenance software arsenal. TMT Fleet Maintenance is a base system that delivers a complete set of tools that you can integrate with your transportation management system.

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A Modular Approach To Fleet Maintenance

The user-friendly design makes it simple to plan, execute, track and invoice using a complete end-to-end asset maintenance solution.

By integrating the management of all maintenance functions—preventive maintenance scheduling, parts inventory, fuel and tire usage, technician hours, billing, warranty recovery and more−your time and money savings add up daily.

Fleet Maintenance Tools: Like Finding Money On Your Shop Floor

The closer you look at software functionality, the more you can see why the business case for a modern asset maintenance solution is built around proven financial results.

TMT Fleet Maintenance can demonstrate its worth in multiple key areas:

  • Warranty Administration. The ability to reclaim lost dollars related to OEM, extended component and aftermarket parts warranties.
  • Inventory Management. Reduced investment in replacement parts inventories and improved purchasing practices.
  • Repair Order Generation. Streamlining the process to reduce steps, time and headcount while improving visibility and accuracy.
  • Facility Scheduling. Matching shop capacity and demand with labor requirements.
  • Reporting. Enhanced ability to analyze operational performance and identify opportunities for improvements that lead to further savings.

Start Small Or Go All In

Asset maintenance tools from TMW present an integrated, right-size approach so you can structure your monitoring to match your shop and workflow with:

Shop Planner

  • Forecast work requirements and labor needs
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Generate cost estimates
  • Track units and personnel with multiple grouping and sorting options
  • Set work standards by task

Interactive Workstation

  • Charge parts and services during repair
  • Access unit history
  • Run a PM-due query
  • Access an online time clock that tracks all time activity for payroll

Tire Module

  • Capture tread depth and air pressure readings on inspection
  • Track tread depth, set warnings
  • Set visual tire configurations per unit type: specify number of axles, axle type, and number of tires per axle and position labels
  • Evaluate and compare tire-operating costs

Warranty Management

  • Track a unit, system, component, or specific part under warranty in master records
  • Access daily warranty reports, failed parts analysis, warranty claims preparation and claims analysis
  • Generate single system data for claims

Fuel Management

  • Measure fuel cost per mile, yard, hour, ton or other user-defined metrics
  • Manage company bulk fuel inventory
  • Analyze on-road vendor fuel-purchase histories

Invoicing Module

  • Bill internal and external customers for work performed in the shop or by direct sale.
  • Ensures fast, accurate billing and faster payment

Analyze, Evaluate and Move to Action

For process improvements, you deserve robust asset maintenance tools to monitor and streamline workflow.

  • Analyze, evaluate, negotiate and manage fleet and equipment assets and expenses.
  • Spot underperforming products or review mechanic hours to uncover inefficiencies.

Generate reports based on user-definable rules and automatically import into your accounting package and business-level management systems to guide your planning.

In short, your company deserves a proven set of powerful asset maintenance tools. Turn to TMW.

For more information about shop floor management using TMW Asset Maintenance software, download our brochure, “The 20:1 Solution- Calculating the ROI of a Modern Asset Maintenance I.T. Solution."

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