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The Bottom Line: Fuel Discounts Aren’t Enough

Posted by TMW Systems on Jun 01, 2017

A penny per mile: at first glance, a less-than-meaningful figure – yet in today’s market, boosting your bottom line by a penny or more per mile offers your business significant financial advantages.

But is your business’s current fuel management strategy maximizing savings or are you overspending in fuel
(likely one of your chief costs)? No doubt, you’ve already negotiated discounts from network vendors – now, take it a profitable step further. Add ExpertFuel fuel purchasing software, the fuel optimization solution from TMW Systems, to your existing business blueprint and save between 4 and 11 cents per gallon. That’s 4 to 11 cents beyond the savings derived from fuel vendor deals.

ExpertFuel optimizes your fleet fuel purchases to help you save money.

Fuel-focused savings

ExpertFuel automatically generates daily fuel purchases and route schedules at dispatch, and transmits them via your drivers’ mobile communications systems. These plans include navigation and purchasing instructions to yield the lowest overall trip expense, ultimately giving you better control of costs on the road. This detailed reporting for trips, drivers and field transactions also records non-compliant purchases. Reports are useful for future route planning and driver training.

ExpertFuel delivers so you can:

  • Increase ROI to existing fuel network design
  • Save 4-to-11 cents per gallon beyond negotiated discounts
  • Reduce OOR miles
  • Improve driver performance and satisfaction
  • Maximize fuel plan compliance

Look at it this way: every penny lost to non-optimized fuel planning counts. ExpertFuel from TMW Systems takes that money off the road and puts it back where it matters most – your business. Good cents. And good sense.

Don’t wait another minute. Uncover opportunities to save money on fuel and bolster your bottom line. Download and read our whitepaper, “Capture an Extra $571 Per Truck.New Call-to-action

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