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To Delay or Not to Delay: Vital Signs for Choosing Your ELD

Posted by TMW Systems on Jul 25, 2017

ELD--the initials can drive up blood pressure and strike anxiety in transportation providers across the country...especially if a decision has not been made on the type, scope and vendor to use. The key to low stress is knowing how to choose the right Electronic Logging Device for your business.

Right vs. Wrong Choice

If your company is yet to select a vendor, there is still just a little time to explore, weigh the risks and pull the trigger.  According to the newly published white paper, “ELD Compliance: Are You Headed Down a One-Way Street?” there are seven potential benefits you must consider for the short- and long-term. The piece explains each and provides a drill down into what compliance means from baseline to advanced, information-rich features. The paper notes: “Making the right choice today could, in fact, position fleets for increased versatility and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving transportation market. The wrong choice, by contrast, could send them down a technological one-way street that limits their options and increases the longer-term costs of achieving ELD compliance.”Download the white paper on ELD compliance to learn more. ELD compliance in transportation management systems

Pay Now or Pay Later

There are costs involved in not investing wisely. The white paper spells out vehicle operating data segments, cites statistics from an FMCSA study and gives a full description of the potential benefits to consider before contracting for services.

Keep your anxiety in check by downloading and reading “ELD Compliance: Are You Headed Down a One-Way Street?” now. Share the link with a colleague.

Topics: Trucking Regulations, ELD Mandate