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Six Money Saving Tips To Optimise Your Fleet This Year

Posted by TMW Systems on Sep 23, 2018 7:55:30 PM

The new financial year can pose many challenges for companies, with rising costs and increasing pressure from competitors. It is the ideal time to plan your operations for the year ahead, to determine if, and how, you need to implement any changes necessary.

Businesses often have little room to take on new costs, so obtaining insights into your company’s operations is critical to remaining profitable and competitive. When planning for this financial year ask yourself: Are you getting the most out of your existing management system? Are your internal processes letting you down?

TMW Systems’ range of transportation solutions give businesses valuable insights into all operational aspects of their business to help control costs and drive productivity. With a range of purpose-built, best in class solutions, our software will provide you with fast, accurate data to improve operational efficiencies, save money and help you make smarter decisions for your business.

Here are six ways that the software from TMW Systems can help your business save money this financial year:

1. Track Your Warranty

Effective warranty management is an important process to your fleet, no matter how large or small the size of the fleet. Without a process to manage your fleet warranties your operational expenses could go unnoticed - you need visibility over your fleet’s warranties. A TMT Fleet Maintenance solution contains a module to allow you to track your warranty that could help save on your total fleet maintenance spend.

2. Cut Expenses On Tyres

With TMW’s Fleet Maintenance Management Software you can track your fleet’s performance through effective Tyre Management to help you cut expenses. The system is designed to capture tread depth and air pressure readings, obtain visual tyre readings per unit, discover which brands last the longest and which cost less to operate.

3. Reduce Your Inventory

Is your inventory out of control with overflowing storage facilities full of unused parts? The TMT Fleet Maintenance Solutions inventory management system gives you control over the parts room, reducing unnecessary and valuable assets sitting on the shelf. Managing your inventory efficiently with our system can help you to achieve up to 20% Reduction in Inventory and another 10% Reduction in ongoing inventory.

4. Fleet Maintenance

Control your costs and be diligent with preventative Fleet Maintenance Management Software to compare vehicle lifecycle operating costs, fuel efficiency and tyre-related repairs as part of your routine servicing and inspections. Fleet Maintenance Management Software can help you make better buying decisions by tracking your equipment’s performance, reducing breakdowns and providing visibility of true cost across each asset in the fleet.

5. Efficient Servicing

Over Servicing Your Fleet can prove costly to businesses, so improve your business productivity with Fleet Maintenance Management Software, with intelligent touch screens to manage mechanic costs, schedule servicing and repairs, maintain your vehicle’s service history while protecting your company’s safety compliance and inspection record.

6. Plan Ahead

Transportation Management Systems from TMW Systems supports your company to plan ahead by giving you complete visibility over costs and resources and automating your company’s routine processes, helping to keep costs and services competitive while delivering value to your business. It’s much easier to invest back into the business when you’ve got the daily processes and financials under control. 6. Invest in Technology with a 12 Month Payback

As vehicles age, their operating cost increases and reliability decreases. Implementing the TMT Fleet Maintenance System from TMW can manage warranty at the asset or part level. Warranty claims alone are sufficient to generate an ROI that provides payback on the system investment in as little at 12 months.

The logistics software from TMW Systems has many advantages for small and large fleets, without creating any additional strain on the company resources. The scalable solutions on offer, all built by transport industry experts, provide you with valuable insights into every operational area of your business to help you manage a more affordable business, drive business productivity and increase profits.

About TMW Systems

TMW is a leading transportation software provider to commercial and private fleets, brokerage and 3PL organisations. Founded in 1983, TMW has focused on providing affordable enterprise software to the transportation industry, including asset-based and non-asset-based operations, and heavy-duty vehicle service centres.

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