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3PLs: Business Intelligence for Bold Growth

Posted by TMW Systems on Oct 05, 2017

Online purchasing, which increased 45% between 2015 and 2016, has risen another 14%, leading to estimates of a mighty $459 billion in sales by year’s end, according to a recent report from industry trend tracker retailtouchpoints.comThis upward trajectory of online sales resulting from the omni-channel and e-commerce shopping experiences has placed third-party logistics (3PLs) providers and shipping agents in a favorable position: with supply chain participants reconsidering their respective freight-movement strategies, transferring to smaller vehicles, modified routing, or streamlined loads, 3PLs are becoming increasingly valuable in helping shippers determine the best transport methods.

Data-driven business3PL provides optimal business intelligence

The relentlessly shifting dynamic of the contemporary transportation management industry requires businesses to offer flexibility, value and swift and accurate response to often-complex distribution challenges.

Customer-attentive real-time data solutions have become the industry standard, making it strategically advantageous for 3PLs to have the latest tech capabilities at hand. Logistics providers that invest in software solutions capable of identifying (and, when necessary, correcting) the concerns integral to load transport, such as comprehensive route planning, customer history, specified delivery windows, and traffic and weather considerations, can dramatically elevate their positioning and reputation within the shipping industry.

Best Solutions

Eager to increase their value to the shipping industry, many prominent 3PLs are fast-tracking their tech investment with sophisticated transportation management systems. With their specialized knowledge and analysis, and impeccable implementation, these systems can help businesses realize significant competitive advantages, some of which include:

  • Simplified management of exceptions and real-time changes
  • Streamlined client and carrier onboarding
  • Real-time ratings
  • Advanced load planning
  • Growth capability
  • Web services
  • Billing flexibility
  • Market intelligence

Best Outcomes

Are you ready to maximize your tech advantage and create value for your clients; reduceexpenditures for operations and overhead; and master rating and freight planning across all modes for increased profitability?Download “3PLs Accelerating Growth through Technology,” from TMW Systems now and contact us.

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