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2018: Our Year in Review

Posted by TMW Systems on Dec 13, 2018


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To recap the past year, we selected a few of the most viewed classics, our best of 2018. Did you miss one?

Most Viewed Classics

Short term private fleet challengesThe Five KPIs That Matter in the Trucking Industry

Over the years, the transportation industry has developed a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are not only scalable to the size of your company but also measure different factors depending on what is important to the business.

Outlook for Private Trucking Fleets

National Private Truck Council President and CEO Gary Petty covers short- and long-term challenges in the vertical in a blog he wrote during the first quarter of the year. He gives stats to show what’s going on and what can be expected. Is Petty on the mark?

Choosing a Fleet Maintenance Solution: 9 Important “Must Knows”

Is your business still going through the fleet maintenance process manually? Entering a work order, scheduling the job, getting the truck in the shop, searching for parts in the warehouse, writing the bill out by hand and entering the information into a database? Or, is your current maintenance solution just not getting the job done? There is a solution.

Stop Wasting Time in Brokerage Transactions

Writer Merrill Douglas talked with leaders and created a powerful piece and heads-up for brokers on how to avoid pitfalls in handling transactions.

TMS Implementation: Prepping Your Organization for Change

Change is about more than just upgrading the technology, but rather, it is vitally important to successfully and profitably manage people and processes. This is especially true when implementing a new Transportation Management System (TMS) because it can lead to increased efficiencies across all areas of the business.

For CFOs Only: When Blockchain Meets Accounting

Trimble’s Joe DeBoth provides food for thought for transportation business leaders who are considering smart contracts and outlines the work that goes with stepping into the blockchain arena.

When blockchain meets accounting in the trucking industry

Trucking Industry Challenges for the Rest of the Decade

Writer Faith Boone interviews trucking association movers and shakers to determine what issues are in the wings for American and Canadian trucking companies as we move toward 2020.

Dock Management: A Tale of Two Companies

Giants Maritime-Ontario and Carlile Transportation share issues, strategies and results for greater efficiencies on the dock.

7 Ways to Differentiate Your Business

Founder and President Ann Miner of the Toronto-based firm The Dunvegan Group provides sure-fire, multiple ways to separate your company from the pack.

Freight Visibility Technology is THE Competitive Advantage

Shippers using freight visibility technology

Writer Seth Skydel explains: One of every three of the largest shippers in North America uses one or more 3PLs to meet their freight carrying capacity needs. For 3PLs and brokers, a proactive approach to freight visibility used in conjunction with a TMS designed for their business needs is more than a means of differentiating themselves from their competitors.

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